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   We care for Paignton's past, present, and future. 

Our aims are :

To preserve and open to the public all the heritage buildings in Paignton.

To encourage tourist and trade initiatives that will benefit Paignton.

To support local concern over critical planning applications.

To monitor the policies and plans of government, council, and developers.

Latest - Another attempt to make Parkfield a school.

 See newsletter item below.

Current programme of talks - March to June 2017


The following events will be at the Gerston Christian Centre, Gerston Place, Paignton (almost opposite the Post Office), starting at 7.30 pm.  Members £3  non-members £4.        Refreshments included.   Enquiries:  David Watts 01803 523434       dwdw.[email protected]





 Thursday, March 23   David Watts tells us about "The life and times of Weston Villa, Paignton" - which is the house he lives in.

Thursday April 27  Claire Howe - Archaeology in South Devon

Thursday  May 25 Julie Seligman tells us about the  Paignton Writers Circle.

Thursday June 22  Ted Woolvett's slide show quiz.  (See newsletter)






Quarterly newsletter  March 2017




Kirkham House   We will open the House as usual this season, commencing Good Friday.  If any member would like to try their hand at being a guide, please contact David Coaker on 553392. or email [email protected]

 Training is free and you will get full support.  The House is open to the public free of charge on Sunday afternoons 2 pm to 5 pm in July and August, and on all Bank Holiday afternoons except Christmas.  We also open it for the annual Heritage Days in September.

Planning applications. 

Two planning applications have been submitted to the Council that you may not be happy with.  If so, you need to send your views to the Council by no latter than the date shown below: 

P/2017/0121 Relocation of Torbay School to Myplace Parkfield 

The previous application to relocate the school and extend the building was refused by the Council's Development Management Committee.  This resubmission appears not to be any better.  If you objected before you will need to do so again because it is a fresh application.  Make sure you send any objection you want to make to the Council by no later than 8 March 2017.  

P/2016/1266 Half Moon Inn 188 Torquay Road Paignton TQ3 2AL 

This planning application proposes the demolition of the Half Moon Public House and replacing it with three residential buildings to provide 30 two bed residential units with associated parking and landscaping.  One building would replace the Public House at the front.  Two others would be built on the car park and landscaped area at the rear and involve the loss of trees.  No doubt it would be claimed that it would not be viable to keep the building at the front and not have so many dwellings ?  Again any views you may have need to be sent to the Council by no later than 8 March 2017.

Full details of both applications can be viewed on-line at;?action=simple&searchType=Application Just enter the reference number of the application you want to look at. You can also use the link to submit your comments.  Alternatively you can send an email to [email protected] or a letter addressed to Spatial Planning, Torbay Council, Town Hall, Castle Circus, Torquay TQ1  3DR 

Don't forget to include in your response the planning application number and address of the proposal.

 Where are you now?  Ted Woolvett presents his popular quiz  slideshow  on June 22.  Can you spot those familiar locations?

A special event is planned for Saturday, 03 June.  We are holding a Heritage Day  at the Palace Avenue Methodist Church. We have booked the hall from 9 am to 6 pm to allow time for setting-up, etc. It will be open to the public from 11 am to 4 pm, and Tony Moss's folders of Paignton photos will be on display, along with many other items. Entry is free but we will charge for refreshments.  If you can help out even for an hour or two, please contact David Watts.  


David  Watts, Chairman,

Weston Villa, 34 Totnes Road, Paignton TQ4 5JZ

01803 523434          [email protected]




Paignton Green Covenant


?Torbay Council covenants with all inhabitants of the wards of Blatchcombe, Clifton with Maidenway, Goodrington with Roselands, Preston and Roundham with Hyde (?the Paignton Wards?) that for a period of 100 years beginning on the date of this deed it will not on the land shown edged red on the plan attached erect or permit the erection of any permanent structure without any such proposal first obtaining the majority of votes in a referendum of the persons who at the day of the referendum would be entitled to vote as electors at an election of councillors for any of the Paignton Wards and are registered as local government electors at an address within the Paignton Wards.  For the purposes of this covenant ?permanent structure? shall mean any structure intended to remain on the land for a period greater than 6 months in any period of 12 consecutive months.  This covenant shall not apply to the installation, construction or renewal (whether by statutory undertakers or otherwise) of any media for the supply or removal, electricity, gas, water, sewage, energy, telecommunications, data and all other services and utilities and all structures, machinery and equipment ancillary to those media?.


It needs to be noted the land edged red did not include the playpark but does include the rest of central and north greens